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schools and all educational institutions to reopen for finalists by October 15

On March 20th, government ordered the closure of all education institutions to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, on September 20th , President Museveni said that after a period of over six months, schools will reopen to allow finalists complete school.


“We have decided to reopen schools for candidate classes including P.7, S.4 and S.6 plus finalists in tertiary institutions like colleges and universities,” Museveni said.

The President explained that experts think it is safe for finalists to resume studies because they are only 1.5 million which represents only 10% of the total number of 15 million learners in country.

“Each group will have bigger space for social distancing. If they follow Standard Operating Procedures, they will be safe. The cost of waiting any further is very high because of the jam of transition.”

“If the batch of 2020 don’t move on, what will happen to batch of 2021? We can’t afford to have both in 2021. It can be done safely if people follow SOPs.”

Museveni however noted that non-finalists can only be thought of in January.

On several occasions, owners of private schools have called upon government to come to their help since they borrowed money from various financial institutions.

Museveni said since Ugandans have tested both scenarios of no deaths because of the lockdown and one of laxity and death, they should be careful with their lives.

“Our scientists are sure if people strictly adhere to guidelines, they will be safe. Many people moved on by listening to advise of false prophets that the virus was not there. In this case, by sowing negligence and disobedience we are reaping more sickness and deaths,” he said.

“We should put emphasis on observation of SOPs. Provided SOPs are strictly followed at a personal and group level, the virus can be contained.”

Uganda as of today the 21st of September has recorded 6,287 cases and only 63 deaths since the first case of Coronavirus was recorded in March.



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